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Software Asset Management (SAM) is now a C-level imperative. It has changed from merely a tick box exercise to a critical discipline that impacts all areas of the organisation. SAM not only supports the operational success of other IT functions, such as service management but also interfaces with other functional areas such as procurement, finance and governance. Cost avoidance, Cost savings, adherence to principles of Good Governance and Financial risk mitigation are just some of the benefits of a good SAM programme.

Our approach is product, vendor and technology agnostic and customers can choose from a portfolio of once off assessments or a complete SAM solution.

  • Assessment of organisational SAM maturity
  • License Compliance Risk Review
  • SAM Process & Policy definition
  • Inventory management and collection
  • License management consulting.
  • Once-off or ongoing SAM Inventory assessments
  • Microsoft SAM Baseline and Deployment Planning
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Blackhill provides Enterprise Agreement Renewal advisory services to customers to help them prepare for this significant financial and strategic milestone. It is an opportune time to evaluate organisational goals and realign the technology required to support these goals. Technology decision makers today must consider the many moving parts that enable digital transformation while still securing enterprise assets.

As part of this assessment, Blackhill Solutions will deliver a current state view across the entire organisation. This view includes a reconciliation of Microsoft software deployments, license entitlements, usage as well including programmatic and product use rights. TThese insights are then aligned to business priorities and the Microsoft technology roadmap to help customers make the best technology decisions going forward.

Our ongoing SAM program helps your organisation mitigate business risks and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved negotiation position
  • Faster roll outs
  • Updated software inventory lets you know what you have
  • Improved security and readiness
  • Minimized software legal risks
  • Smoother operations
  • Peace of mind as your company grows
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Modern business needs are changing and with that comes the need for an agile IT organisation that is both cost-effective and secure. We have to start comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud services in our software investment evaluations, for various reasons. A cloud strategy may help organisations reducing costs, increase agility and scalability and security, but every organisation has different needs and priorities. So we start by looking at your strategic priorities and align recommendations accordingly.

Once you know where you want to go, the real challenging work starts. Migrating some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud can be daunting. Blackhill will provide you with a cloud readiness assessment across Network, Device, Application and Server estates and build an implementation roadmap to keep disruption to a minimum. Typically we deliver this services along with a proactive organisational change management process to ensure positive end user adoption.


  • Whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid is the best structure for your business.
  • A lack of knowledge on the licensing options available to support a migration to the cloud. Whether a fixed or pay-as-you-go cost model is best for your company.
  • Assessing whether migrating to the cloud will make it easier to manage software assets going forward.

Conducting a Cloud-Ready SAM Engagement will help you:

  • Gain a clear picture of what is ready to migrate to the cloud today and what will need to wait.
  • Design a long-term cloud migration roadmap that efficiently manages the migration over time.
  • Identify whether any licensing gaps can be resolved in the cloud.
  • Determine whether cloud-based scalability can increase your organizations agility.
  • Understand better ways of managing costs through on-demand, pay-per-use subscription models.
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In an increasingly connected world, our reliance on technology renders us vulnerable to security attacks in more ways never imaged. Blackhill delivers technology and process guidance to customers to secure their enterprise assets and to detect and respond rapidly to threats. Our Cybersecurity Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation based on industry standards that provides a baseline for current maturity and highlights risks and vulnerabilities.

Blackhill aligns to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) security controls (http://www.cisecurity.org) and the SAM (Software Asset Management) Optimization Model built on the ISO Standard for SAM 19770-1. This combined approach allows us to deliver a maturity rating based on clear performance indicators and to build a roadmap with specific actions that will help the organisation gain control and improved visibility.

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